Solovyov “canonized” Stalin live: video

Соловьев "канонизировал" Сталина в прямом эфире: видео

The main propagandist of Putin Vladimir Solovyev staged a hard battle in the air with a Ukrainian expert Vyacheslav Kovtun.

Соловьев "канонизировал" Сталина в прямом эфире: видео

Vladimir Solovyov

The scandal erupted at the air show propaganda mouthpiece of the Kremlin.

The reason for the conflict was the discussion about the personality of Joseph Stalin and the Ukrainian demand to remove his remains from the Kremlin wall.

“Now we shall all Bandera stuff to listen to, who do we remove! You will restore only the monuments of the Soviet era, restore in Lviv stele people liberator! Now I am sure you will say! I will simply say: we are now nose you will take and stick like a dog, in your own shit to know how to do dirty tricks!” — rezervovana Soloviev.

Соловьев "канонизировал" Сталина в прямом эфире: видео

Vladimir Solovyov

After that Kovtun asked Solovyov he protects so bloody tyrant Stalin.

“We did not defend Stalin, but the Soviet people-the winner! Are you my Shukhevych protect? Are you actually trying to compare the SS bastard who killed people, and Stalin?!” replied the promoter.

Recall, the top Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Soloviev scored another scandalous statement towards Ukraine.

This became known from the ether its outreach programme on the TV channel “Russia 1”.

Discussing the Ukrainian question, Soloviev brazenly declared that the fighting in the Donbas will end only when Russia will gain control over the entire territory of Ukraine.

Соловьев "канонизировал" Сталина в прямом эфире: видео


He once again threatened by the invasion of Kiev and the so-called “denazification”.

Open threats Solovyov announced, answering the question of Ukrainian political analyst Basil Vakarova about why the Russian Federation does not take real action to end the conflict in the Donbas.

As reported previously Know.ia, according to Solovyov, the acting President of Ukraine – allegedly “the oligarch who came in from Tomos, the first Apostle of Satan’s Church.”

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that the TV host Vladimir Solovyov has long become the “face of propaganda” in Russia.

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