Sony abandoned the production of video game consoles

Sony отказалась от производства игровых приставок

PlayStation Vita

Sony in the coming months, will release the latest batch of portable consoles PlayStation Vita in Japan, after which their production will be stopped. However, the console is already time to go back in time, considering how much it was on the shelves.

Sony отказалась от производства игровых приставок

It is worth noting that such a move is not a huge surprise, as the company’s long-buried PS Vita, refusing to release big budget games for this platform a couple of years ago, and in September 2018 announced the imminent termination of production of new models. Yes, play favorite projects is still possible, but in case of breakage, the developers will not be able to return to her life. In any case, officially under warranty.

The exact dates yet, but likely that the production will close in April-may. Similarly in may 2017 Sony stopped supplying PlayStation 3, notifying a couple of months. It is possible that the company is already preparing the console suitable replacement, but the information from insiders yet. Apparently, Sony put all resources in the production of the PlayStation 5, the output of which is scheduled for 2020.

Sony отказалась от производства игровых приставок

PS Vita is a portable console, released in 2011. Sony tried to beat Nintendo in the market of portable game consoles, correcting all deficiencies to the successful PlayStation Portable. However, to satisfy the appetites of the company still failed – the sales were bad.

Recall that Xiaomi company will introduce a budget version of the flagship Mi 9 Lite, which will get top-end features, the price will be quite adequate. Yes, the smartphone will not get a top processor, and the camera is not the best on the market, but for the price of $ 235 smartphone more than advantageous to buy.

Earlier Znayu reported that the company Xiaomi made MIUI firmware update 10 for their smartphones. Now in the network appeared the photo, which confirm the fact that the firmware improves the camera. Pictures taken in night time was much better.

Znayu wrote that Google Chrome failed. Now the users of some extensions refuse to work. The fact that Google is conducting the experiment, and used it as a users browser.

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