Sony is preparing to release a smartphone with six cameras, a new competitor Nokia 9 PureView

Sony готовит к выходу смартфон с шестью камерами: новый конкурент Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia 9 PureView

Popular German insider has shared first details on this new Sony smartphone. It seems that the company decided to surprise the audience, and to do what he does best – make a smartphone with a fancy camera. Recall that the iPhone 4S used camera produced by Sony, who was able to establish itself in the smartphone market. Now the Corporation wants to focus on the camera in their smartphones.

According to the source, the Japanese manufacturer is now working on the Xperia, which will get the main camera from six modules. For what each is unknown.

One can only assume that it will be the main sensor, wide angle lens, telephoto and a depth sensor. The other two might be responsible for gluing the images as “patipati” Nokia 9 PureView, which everyone forgot after playing with a huge amount of cameras. Hope they will show something really cool.

Sony готовит к выходу смартфон с шестью камерами: новый конкурент Nokia 9 PureView

In addition to the six modules of the main camera, the new Sony will also receive double front. Unfortunately, other details about the smartphone yet, as it is still under development. Insiders will provide us with interesting information about the gadget.

Recall that the experts ranked the most reliable smartphone in the world. Surprisingly, Apple Corporation that is renowned for the quality of their gadgets, took only third place. In the top three, not even Samsung, which sells its flagship at a price of thousands of dollars. First place went to Huawei, which has stormed the smartphone market with its cheap smartphones.

Earlier Znayu reported that Google found viruses embedded in Android smartphones. Surprisingly, these viruses appeared on smartphones during their Assembly. In other words, the malicious code was installed right from the factory.

Znayu wrote that the Google Pixel 4, which will show in October 2019, appeared in quality pictures. Now we can consider the device from all sides. Among other things, in the eye catches it single camera. It seems that the company does not want to deviate from his principles and continues to improve a photo using neural networks.

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