Sony PlayStation 5 will make gamers forget about the PS4 once and for all

Sony PlayStation 5 заставит геймеров забыть о PS4 раз и навсегда

Sony PlayStation 5 will outshine competitors

Here already more than five years in the world for sale PS4 gaming console and equipped it with the latest technology, but it was only when she was on sale. However, soon there will be PlayStation 5, which will replace the console once and for all.

Sony PlayStation 5 заставит геймеров забыть о PS4 раз и навсегда

As it became known from several sources, hardware based gaming console Sony PlayStation 5 is AMD x86. The same is currently being used in the PS4. In other words, all games that are available now on the PS4 will be available on the new console, and in the new chart with an attractive picture.

Recall that PS4 sell in 2013, and the device need to go in the trash, because the new version of the game console bring console gaming to a new level

Sony PlayStation 5 заставит геймеров забыть о PS4 раз и навсегда

In the case of the PS4 to implement it support games from the PS3 failed because of too strong difference in ”glands”, but in the case of the new model is almost will not be, at least on the part of the processor architecture. Fortunately, the creators of games don’t have to change anything in the existing games, which can not delight gamers because you don’t have to wait any longer.

Recall that the system Android found another vulnerability that can be exploited. It is reported that now even when you open the picture in the network, you can infect your smartphone with viruses that can steal your data, up to the credit card data.

Earlier Znayu reported that the popular email service Gmail have learned to remove almost all spam messages. Themselves, this kind of writing is dangerous because the can have a built-in virus so that service almost 100% of cases is able to detect this malicious email, and alert the mailbox owner.

Znayu wrote that Apple gets on the shelves of the legendary iPhone X. moreover, the device is now selling for much cheaper: 760 $ for the basic version with 64 GB of memory. Apparently, the company wants to improve its financial position for the beginning of 2019.

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