Soon a new animated series, Star Trek for kids, with teens

Bientôt une nouvelle série animée Star Trek pour enfants, avec des ados

It will be broadcast by the channel Nickelodeon.

The saga of Star Trek continues to extend on the small screen. While the season 2 of Discovery comes to an end, and that the new series Picard has just launched its shooting, it was learned that the channel for children Nickelodeon will soon be launching a series of animated Star Trek performed digitally.

Developed by brothers Kevin and Dan Hageman (who should already have most of the episodes of Ninjago), it will follow “a group of teenagers without faith nor law, who are discovering a ship in ruins Starfleet and use it to search for adventure, a sense to their life and salvation,” according to the official description.

Season 3 of Star Trek Discovery officially commissioned

“Star Trek, Nickelodeon and the world of animation make things incredibly ambitious in recent times.. We could not be more excited to climb aboard“, welcome the brothers Hageman in a press release.

Of course, this is not the first time that the franchise Star Trek is in the cartoon, since Star Trek : the animated series (pictured above) was broadcast from 1973 to 1974. It should also be noted that another animated series Star Trek, a completely separate and in a tone very different, is also in production. Star Trek : Lower Decks, intended for an “adult audience” and developed by Mike McMahan, Rick & Morty, will be devoted to the “nobody” of the crews of the vessels in Starfleet.

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