Souldia: “Our planet has cracked”

“I think our planet has cracked. Even before the health crisis, there were fires in Australia and this and that. On the environment side, our planet is really not doing well. There, the health crisis came to put the icing on the sundae.
“While humans are being hit like this, I have seen videos of animals taking over the streets in other countries. I have the impression that nature takes its place a little. If humans are confined for days and days, the planet will recover for the better. Because it hurts our planet every day.

“I think the specialists are right. Apart from isolation, at present, there is no other solution. As long as everyone is not isolated, it is as if we were making a sentence for nothing. One, they’re not going to reopen our doors right away. Two, as long as everyone is not confined, as they are doing in France, the problem will not be solved and the virus will continue to spread. ”

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