Special agent, retired US talked about aliens found alive

Participant in the events in Roswell Richard Doty agreed to give candid interviews.

Спецагент США в отставке рассказал о найденных живыми инопланетянах


Information about it spreads Express. Special agent, retired US talked about found alive small aliens that had telepathic abilities. The Americans explored the crashed alien spaceship and didn’t notice there of controls, devices for determining the speed, fuel consumption, height, that is required to travel by air components. Doty convinced the aliens worked on an aircraft with your mind.

According to the special agent discovered the alien was a humanoid creature, whose height was one meter and 20 centimeters. She got injured and took them to the military. After that, humanoids has not been seen. We can only guess what was done to them in military research laboratories, where he brought. Some researchers are convinced of the cosmos in the US continue to examine captured aliens. The official American science recognizes this information about.