Spin-off of Spider-Man : Jared Leto transforms into However the vampire

Spin-off de Spider-Man : Jared Leto se transforme en Morbius le vampire

First step : shave the beard.

After Venom, Sony is preparing a new spin-off of Spider-Man devoted to However, one of the enemies of The Man-Spider. Born in 1971 in the comics The Amazing Spider-Man, for Marvel, this is initially a scientist with a blood disease, who’s trying to heal, but turns into the kind of vampire that would be overkill. The main role was given to Jared Leto, who recently played The Joker in Suicide Squad, a movie super-villains of the competition, DC Comics/Warner Bros.

The actor just posted on Twitter a video of him preparing for the role : shaving the beard live before you share a drawing of However. It is not yet known when will shooting this film from Daniel Espinosa (Life –Origin unknown), but if the star is ready, it will not be long…

Jared Leto is really a vampire : the evidence

As a reminder, Venom, with Tom Hardy, to approach $ 700 million of revenue. Spider-Man : Far From Home, with Tom Holland, will be released in July next to the cinema.