Stas Peha is counting on an expensive gift from Rodney

Otherwise, the singer will collect money for a present for the fans.

Стас Пьеха рассчитывает на дорогой подарок от родни


On the nose last month in 2018, and many are already preparing Christmas gifts for loved ones, expecting them Santa Claus will put something “under the tree”. Not exception and popular singer Stas Pieha. The contractor has already prepared a part of the Christmas presents to relatives and friends, but also “waiting for free”. Stas has long been dreaming about the latest iPhone model, but to buy himself the “Apple” gadget is not willing. From the principle.

“Must be me, as an artist some sort of freebie,” said singer of the hit “You’re sad”. Tools allow man to acquire the coveted gadget, but want to get it as a gift. And if he doesn’t get this gift from Rodney, then at the advice of journalists, may declare a collection among fans. Army fans Peha is so great that together they will be able to buy it the artist, because otherwise he will be forced to continue to use outdated iPhone 7.