Statement of offense to drug dealer for “non-essential trade”

Hamilton police killed two birds with one stone on Friday by laying charges of trafficking against an alleged drug dealer, but also by giving him – since we were there – a ticket for exploiting a “non-essential enterprise” in times of pandemics and social distancing.
Constable Jerome Stewart said police from the drug unit started following a rather aggressive driver last Friday. Police said the driver made several stops to sell drugs before police arrested him for drug trafficking around 8 p.m. Friday.

The police then seized cocaine and the money.

But they also gave the suspect a statement of offense under the Ontario Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Management Act, invoked by the government in mid-March to fight the COVID pandemic. -19.

Constable Stewart recalled that drug trafficking is not considered an essential service within the meaning of the emergency law, and the man faces a fine of $ 750 if convicted of this offense.

Not to mention the criminal charge of drug trafficking.

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