Study: snoring erases our memories

Исследование: храп стирает наши воспоминания

Sleep apnea can cause the space in memory.

Researchers from RMIT University have studied how this disease affects various autobiographical reminders of the people, writes the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society.

Scientific work has shown that sleep apnea reduces the ability of the brain to encode or consolidate some types of life memories that made it difficult for people to remember details from the past.

Исследование: храп стирает наши воспоминания

How are snoring and sleep apnea

“Sleep apnea is also a significant risk factor for depression, so if we can better understand the neurobiological mechanisms at work, we have a chance to improve the mental health of millions of people,” explained study author Melinda Jackson (Melinda Jackson).

In the study, researchers compared the data of 44 adults with apnea and 44 healthy people, evaluating different types of their autobiographical memories from childhood, early adulthood and recent life.

The study also dealt with the memories from semantic memory (facts and concepts of personal history, such as the names of your school teachers) and episodic memory (events or episodes, such as the first day of high school).

“Brain scans of people with sleep apnea shows that they have significant loss of gray matter of regions that are intersected by the network of autobiographical memory,” explained Jackson.

The following important step — the determination as to whether the successful treatment of sleep apnea also help in solving some of these problems with memory or even restore lost memories.

According to some estimates, obstructive sleep apnea affects more than 936 million people worldwide and is a serious condition that occurs when breathing is interrupted during sleep.

Recall that a nasal spray could become a new treatment for sleep apnea, which triggers snoring.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” two hours a day — the optimal time use of the gadget for children.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that sleep simply is vital to some people.

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