“Swollen drunken imbecile”: Volochkova unfairly “lowered” in the network

On his page in Instagram Volochkova posted a photo. Photo of Anastasia with her guests caused a lot of “mud” in the comments.

«Спившийся опухший маразматик»:  Волочкову незаслуженно «опустили» в сети

Recently a ballerina Volochkova has hit a bunch of negative reviews. All this “dirt” visible in the posts under the photos, but most of the comments are not justified, undeserved, respectively.

On topic:

«Спившийся опухший маразматик»:  Волочкову незаслуженно «опустили» в сети

Relaxed: Volochkova has ceased to care for themselves after moving lover

Ballerina shocked fans with its appearance.

Some subscribers Volochkova believe that Anastasia “swollen senile” and in my years, she is simply drunk. According to fans, if she doesn’t stop drinking, “will run on the dumps along with her dog”. Some cultural Volochkova asked to quit drinking and deal with it, because in their opinion too ballerina launched, and the culprit for this was, again, alcohol.

But most of the comments do not relate to photos, and just “omit” the ballerina in front of millions of Internet users. If you look at user pages, write the “rotten” reviews, you can see that almost all of them fake. And the comments written in these pages, like comments soulless bots, which gave the command to pour a “bucket of dirt” on Volochkova. It pushes only one that this “persecution” clearly paid for by someone. And we can only guess by whom and why it was done.