Taiwan spider offspring suckle milk

Previously it was thought that this method of feeding unique to mammals.

Тайваньские паучихи вскармливают потомство молоком


Chinese biologists have found that the Taiwanese spider suckle their young with milk. Previously it was thought that this method of feeding is characteristic only of mammals animals. Experts from Chinese Academy of science long watched the spiders-horses Toxeus magnus, living in Taiwan. They noticed that after vyleplennye eggs the cubs about a month did not leave the nest, remaining there with his mother. All this time the kids were fed, but increased in size by 2.5 mm.

Next, the researchers determined that all this time the spider spiderlings fed nutritional liquid with protein and sugar. Fluid produced by glands located in the region epigastralny furrow. In consistency it resembled milk. 40 days the kids ate only the spider “milk”. If in this period, they remained without this liquid for ten days, then die. “Milk” they continued to drink even after he started to look for food on their own.