“Take heed!”: The expert told how not to buy a stolen Land Cruiser

Automotive expert Maxim Shelkov explained how to protect yourself from buying Toyota Land Cruiser 200, which was stolen. In addition, in his review he showed how to steal a Japanese SUV.

A favorite method of attackers is the use of repeater signal keychain keys to the car. For this they come to the door of the apartment car enthusiast and with the help of special device “lengthen” the key signal going to the car. At the same time, to “Kruzak” on the street comes second hijacker, including its device, making the data exchange between the key in the apartment and lock SUV: factory installed alarm system is disarmed, the engine starts, the thief is leaving.

The expert noted that in the current situation, LC 200 is one of the most stolen models in Russia, with the parts they resell extremely rare, because the vast majority of SUVs eventually ends up on the secondary market. The risk of running into a car with a “criminal” past is enormous, and neutralize it, either by expert review or a comprehensive examination. Avtoekspert told how not to buy a stolen “Kruzak” on the secondary.

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First and foremost, you need to verify the authenticity of the vehicle registration. Best of all, it was an original document and not a copy, no matter what the reason for damage or loss thereof, is not called the seller. If the latter is not willing to provide the original passport of the vehicle, you can still watch it on the phone or says that he will show it when make a deal you should think about how to choose a car to buy from another person. Likewise, if it is not possible to “punch” a car for a serious Federal database at least to verify the VIN of the body website traffic police, where among other things you can see the actual number of car owners.

Finally, the expert recommended always, in any situation, try to be observant as possible: “take heed! Check the VIN, body and engine in the first place. Also, if the title says that Kruzak black with a petrol engine, but in fact have a silver with a diesel engine – is to understand that you are trying to cheat and sell you a problematic car!”.