Talc Jr. criticized the resumption of the investigation of the murder of his father

The son of the deceased singer compared the resumption of investigations with picking at the old wound.

Тальков-младший раскритиковал возобновление расследования убийства его отца

He stated that these actions of law enforcement considers them pointless and a mockery of the fans and relatives of Igor Talkova.

Talc Jr. suggested that the killer’s name will remain a mystery, as 27 years ago. On the resumption of the investigation, he learned from the media, as the Investigative Committee of St. Petersburg did not report any of the relatives of the singer.

Earlier it was reported that the request for further investigation was filed by the widow of talc, however, her son has denied this information. He said that his mother was disappointed in all law-enforcement system 20 years ago.

Igor Talkov Jr., believes that the murder of his father organized the secret services, as it was not beneficial to the authorities and constantly criticized her. The singer was repeatedly threatened for his work.

Igor Talkov was killed on 6 October 1991, during the conflict with the Director and bodyguards of the singer Aziza. The singer was shot in the heart. The killer is still not installed.

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