Ternopil storks declared Jihad in Lebanon

Тернопольским аистам объявили джихад в Ливане


At the time, as in Galicia caring for storks that could not fly in the “warm” rescuing these birds from cold and starvation, in Africa the opposite is true: the local residents await the arrival of storks to kill and eat.

About such a terrible situation in the middle East was told in the community “Typical of Ukraine” on the page in Facebook and published photos of storks, massively killed by the Lebanese.

Тернопольским аистам объявили джихад в Ливане

“It’s terrible! Of great concern to scientists is the high mortality of storks on migration and in wintering areas. In many African countries, the white stork is traditionally a hunting bird. Meat are consumed, the bones of the feet going on the tube, the feathers are used for decorations, even out of your mouth doing magical means. In Northern and Western Africa, about 80 % of deaths storks have to shoot” – said in the network.

Тернопольским аистам объявили джихад в Ливане

Тернопольским аистам объявили джихад в Ливане

As reported by the German ornithologist X. Schultz, on the return of these birds are annually shot from 5 to 10 thousand storks, more than half of them killed in Lebanon.

Тернопольским аистам объявили джихад в Ливане

We will remind, in Kiev noticed a mass pestilence of fish. More than two hundred carcasses were discovered on rusanivsky lake. Activists nodding in the direction of builders who erected near the bridge. Environmentalists started checking and clarification of causes of death of the local fauna.

As reported by the portal Know.ia a deadly fish gets on the Ukrainian counters. Dangerous product already counted up to 10 thousand. People are warned about a new outbreak of botulism.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that the network spread the video, as dependent on opium parrots steal poppy heads in fields in India.

See: environmentalists are sounding the alarm. Ukrainian fields are massively dying birds

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