Terrible eczema turned a little girl’s life in hell: an unexpected tool

Жуткая экзема превратила жизнь маленькой девочки в ад: помогло неожиданное средство

A little baby named Charlotte from Warragul (Australia) has long suffered from a severe form of eczema. Her mother Rebecca tried to help her, constantly sought and used all possible medication options, tried the most expensive medicines in order to alleviate the suffering of the daughters, but it was all in vain. About it writes Daily Mail.

Eczema of children is especially hard. Children also may experience weakness, loss of appetite, irritability and moodiness.

Жуткая экзема превратила жизнь маленькой девочки в ад: помогло неожиданное средство

Desperate mother even used expensive steroid cream for bleaching baths because I found out that some help only this tool.

The woman even developed a complex, she was afraid to go with her daughter on the street, because I was sure that other mothers will think that she deliberately launched the girl to this state.

Charlotte meanwhile was getting worse. How much she brushed the wounds on the neck, face, hands and feet did not have time to dry up the blood.

Once the baby has become so bad that it had to be taken to the emergency room. However, even where the child is not able to help.

One day my mother decided to moisturize dry skin daughter’s usual cream for $ 10 from well-known companies. At first the woman did not notice the change, and then I saw that Charlotte itches much less.

Жуткая экзема превратила жизнь маленькой девочки в ад: помогло неожиданное средство

Soon, literally in three days the girl appeared new, healthy skin. Now the disease has passed and no longer bothers them. And the mother had no idea that help may be as simple remedy.

Such diseases as eczema, can occur in both adults and kids from a very early age. This pathology is an inflammation of the superficial layers of the skin accompanied by itching and a large rash on the body.

We will remind, the child has a little eczema on the ear, so the doctor prescribed an ointment on steroids. Now doctors regret their decision. Rash came back to the child with a vengeance, with the result that Colby suffered real torture. He felt a terrible pain and couldn’t sleep.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” the girl suffers from severe allergies, even a faint smell can cause anaphylactic shock. The only one who can help her is the best friend.

Also “Znayu” I wrote, allergic burns turned her life into a living hell. The fact that she survived is a real miracle. Scars on the body of the French now have a lifetime to remind her of the presence of a rare disease.

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