Terrible predictions Matron turned out to be true: the end of the world close

Жуткие предсказания Матроны оказались правдой: конец света близко

In the Internet published the prophecy of St. Matrona of Moscow for the next event. She supposedly predicted the fall of the meteorite 2002 NT7.

About it reports the Russian media.

Жуткие предсказания Матроны оказались правдой: конец света близко

the end of the world

“Believers will be few, life will be worse and worse. People would like a hypnotized. The time will come when you will put the cross and the bread and say — your choice! Many of the victims will be. No war will die. Everything on earth will lie. In the evening everything will be on the ground, and in the morning will rise — everything will go in the ground. Without war war is coming!” — predicted Matron.

It is noted that the famous prophetess began to speak of future events in his childhood, because he wanted to protect people from grief. For example, it predicted the revolutionary chaos in 1917.

“The robber will destroy the temples and will chase them all the way,” predicted the Matron.

During the Second world war she was sure that the Nazis will not be able to walk to Toulouse, and the prediction came true. Then she predicted the day of his death, noting that after she left she wouldn’t be remember for some time.

After reviewing all the predictions Matron, the conclusion is that it predicted the end of the world in 2019. And this may be true, because our planet can hit the asteroid 2002 NT7. The date of the collision on 1 February 2019.

NASA hastened to calm the public, but some believe that they are lying, so people didn’t panic. If the predictions come true Matron, February 1, we are waiting for the end of the world.

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