“Terribly annoying”: the network called “shoals” LADA Granta FL that AVTOVAZ could fix for 5 000 rubles

Motorist “poured the soul” and spoke of making up for the shortcomings of “Grants”.

«Жутко бесят»: В сети назвали «косяки» LADA Granta FL, которые «АвтоВАЗ» мог бы исправить за 5 000 рублей

In a social network “Vkontakte” in one of the car communities the owner of the updated LADA Granta FL complained about the shortcomings of the model that “terribly annoying”. Nesdev on the novelty of the domestic automobile industry, 5 200 km, the owner was faced with a set of “stocks” which, in the opinion of the owner, AVTOVAZ could fix myself. It is noted that by increasing the cost of “Grants” only 5 000 rubles, all these disadvantages could be eliminated so that the owners won’t wag’d their nerves, “dobova to mind” the car with their hands.

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«Жутко бесят»: В сети назвали «косяки» LADA Granta FL, которые «АвтоВАЗ» мог бы исправить за 5 000 рублей

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The motorist began with the first “school” of LADA Granta FL – extraneous noise in the cabin during the drive. “Crickets here and there. About the trunk is silent, there immediately after leaving the salon all rattled. Really it was impossible to devote individual attention to eliminate the causes from the factory?”, – outraged motorist.

Following that he didn’t like in the “Grant” is the number of head restraints of the rear row of seats, which depends on the configuration. It is noted that it is primarily the safety of passengers, and many people buy cars for work in a taxi. Further, the user called the lack of covers for the screws in the door panels and the dashboard: “it’s a penny business, and the experience is very much affected. Why the plant in every detail trying to remind you that you’re not the most wealthy person?”.

«Жутко бесят»: В сети назвали «косяки» LADA Granta FL, которые «АвтоВАЗ» мог бы исправить за 5 000 рублей

Also the owner of LADA Granta FL angered the plastic quality on the doors. It is noted that on his “top ten” in 2004 in less than six years of operation there were no such scratches as the new “Grant”. Was unhappy motorist and rear Windows, which are “constantly go down and rattle”. In his opinion, “AVTOVAZ” is not the first year is aware of this issue, but for some reason not in a hurry to fix it.

While riding on a trail through the edge of the front doors into the cabin air is blown, which is not like the motorist: “Glue the second seal do not want.” Finally, he complained about barocci that rubbed glass. In the end the motorist added that LADA Granta FL – decent machine for the price, if not for these nuances.