Tesla Model S was burned in the Parking lot: the company gave the first comments

Tesla Model S сгорела прямо на парковке: компания дала первые комментарии

Tesla Model S

The electric Tesla Model S exploded in one of the Parking lots in Shanghai. In the incident in addition to Tesla seriously damaged at least another two cars. However, damage to other vehicles occurred because of the specific batteries Tesla. They tend to instantly ignited, producing acrid smoke that is very dangerous for the human body.

The company began investigating the incident after video from surveillance cameras in the Parking lot, which shows the explosion of the electric car.

It all happened literally 10 seconds. Then 2 standing next to the car the fire has dramatically spread.

The short video can also be seen and the effects of fire – Tesla burned completely, and the cars that were standing on the sides, destroyed by fire in half.

Tesla Model S сгорела прямо на парковке: компания дала первые комментарии

Tesla said that the incident is radically different from all previous ones. In this case, the electric brand stood in that place and do not move. However, Tesla will investigate to find out what was the cause of the fire.

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