Testing of Russia’s first chip for the Internet of things

Thanks to the latest technology is installed digital communication distance up to 30 kilometers.

Проводится тестирование первого в России чипа для интернета вещей


Employees of the company Ruselectronics has created the first chip for the Internet of things in Russia and carried out its testing. It is a square chip, the length of which is five millimeters. The chip operates in the frequency range from 100 MHz to 2.5 GHz. After testing and if positive results chip plan to apply in various fields of national economy. The chip will be useful in transport, industrial sectors. He will do a great service to farmers and ordinary citizens. The chip for the Internet of things want to use smart appliances.

Analysts Rostec say that Russia needs a million such devices per year. The Internet of things is a concept of linking physical objects with other objects. An example of a new technology will serve as a “smart refrigerator”, independently applying for the purchase of food products from trade organizations.