Thank Kaminska was fascinated by the network of a bold way: the leopard is in fashion

Слава Каминская очаровала сеть смелым образом: леопард сейчас в моде

Thank Kaminska

The famous Ukrainian singer, the soloist of the group “Neangely” Glory Kaminska often shared with followers on Instagram with new photos and news of your life. Kaminska a big fan of selfies, but there is in her account and staged and professional photos. So, this time the actress published just such a staged photo.

In the picture, which appeared in the account of Fame, she poses on the beach in a bright summer dress leopard print. The artist photographed sideways to the camera so that her long red hair almost completely cover the face, fluttering in the wind. Most likely, this photo Thank Kaminska wanted to show fans of the beautiful sunset in the United Arab Emirates, where she now rests with her husband and children. It is known that earlier the singer already posted a beach photo with your family.

Kaminskaya has not signed this vivid picture, leaving only a few emoticons and the location – Rixos Saadiyat Island. Fans of Fame Kaminskaya love this cute family photo, and covered the actress with compliments in the comments. Many admire the figure of Kamina, and she is the mother of two children, although some do not exclude that over the body of Glory did her husband Edgar Kaminsky.

“Beautiful”, “Insanely beautiful”, “Perfect”, “Class! So summer wanted”, “Beautiful you,” “Ah, what woman”, “Eyes of the beloved,” “that’s very nice”, “You are such a beautiful girl… but the Botox in the lips”, “the glory of the beautiful sunset, Away into the sunset”, “You are very beautiful”, “Tiger”, “very beautiful photo”, “Leopard is now in Vogue. Very beautiful and fascinating photos. Rather, we have to sun and heat”, “Extraordinary”, “Oh my God, incredibly beautiful photo, and just bombeznaya Glory!” write enthusiastic fans in the comments.

We will remind, Kaminska congratulated happy birthday to the most important girl.

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