That hides the “AVTOVAZ” the Secret of durability of engines of LADA has revealed the blogger

The motorist told about some important points that are not in the instruction manual of LADA cars.

Что скрывает «АвтоВАЗ»: Секрет долговечности двигателей LADA раскрыл блогер

Patriotic blogger on the channel “the Story of a car” fresh off the movie, which explained why many people think that online engines “AVTOVAZ” is very small and explained why in fact it is not. Taxi drivers on the same “Grants” easy pass 300-400 thousand kilometres, and the motors don’t break, don’t “eat” the oil and work normally. Other owners of cars LADA complain for an early “death” of engines – already at 150 thousand km is being overhauled. The blogger called out some issues that hides the “AVTOVAZ”, and told that you need to do to VAZ motor lasts a long time.

It is noted that the secret of longevity of engines LADA lies in several factors: running, operating conditions and maintenance fluids (oils, brake and cooling fluids). The first factor is the most important, says the blogger, so you must strictly follow operating instructions and to run the car correctly. In particular, do not exceed the speed of 110 km/h and not to twist more than 3 500 rpm for the first 2000 km of run. However, the blogger noted that in the instructions there is one important point: running is half the life of the engine. “How will you spend the run-in, so he will travel,” – said the blogger.

It is noted that the oil should be changed necessarily to achieve 1.5-2 thousand kilometers, not 15 thousand, as recommended by “AVTOVAZ”. The blogger stressed that his improper recommendations of the manufacturer knowingly underestimates the durability of their engines to support the demand for spare parts. “None of the normal oil, no matter how modern it may be, can not serve 15 000 km When running parts of the engine RUB against much stronger and chips and all that junk is washed away in the oil,” said the motorist.

Что скрывает «АвтоВАЗ»: Секрет долговечности двигателей LADA раскрыл блогер

The biggest engine wear happens during cold start when the car starts moving with a cold engine. That is why the taxi drivers on the LADA cars have such large runs, and the engine doesn’t break – it is always hot, whatever the weather. Also the wear of the motor depends on rpm – 2 000 rpm rotation not enough for a good splashing of oil, so the lubrication will be worse. “The engine must spin this its working principle is to lubricate himself,” says the blogger.

Motorist concluded that VAZ engines – not bad, with proper care, will last a long time, but it is important to “break” them, constantly warm up and to “feed” the high-quality oil.