That will help prevent aging of the brain: scientists have named the main factors

Что поможет предотвратить старение мозга: ученые назвали главные факторы

Scientists from the University of Alberta, Canada conducted extensive research in thereby found that the condition of the brain and cognitive health in older age significantly influence people’s education and their daily activities.

Experts have established the main factors able to inhibit brain aging and development of Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 55 years. Reports Hvilya.

Что поможет предотвратить старение мозга: ученые назвали главные факторы

Among a number of factors, which are defined as mechanisms for restraining the aging brain, scientists primarily allocated to social activity and the heart rate.

According to canadian researchers, people with it more often in women, educated and involved in social activity, Central nervous system aging much slower.

Moreover, scientists have determined that the aging brain after 55 years of slows down due to continuous mental work. Those people who tend to learn new knowledge and skills, learn languages, learn computer literacy, neurological aging occurs at a slower rate, say scientists from Canada.

Что поможет предотвратить старение мозга: ученые назвали главные факторы

Experts also identified other significant in its effect on brain aging factors.

“People at the age of 55-75 years of good memory was associated with low heart rate, ability to self-care and the presence of companions. In people older than 75 years with good neurological health, there was a rapid gait and a rare susceptibility to depression,” said the authors of the project.

Scientists claim that low intelligence and lack of interest in new things, high heart rate, lack of social activities and loss of the propensity to care were identified as factors contributing to the deterioration of memory and the ageing brain.

Recall how long it takes the brain to recover after a party. Scientists have studied the physiological effects and reactions of the human body and brain that accompany alcohol abuse.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” scientists from China have created genetically modified rhesus monkeys. They introduced into the genome of the apes the human gene MCPH1, which participates in brain development.

Also “Znayu” I wrote lethal supergreek is in the world, the experts shrug. Scientists have warned about the terrible infection three years ago, but nobody listened.

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