That’s why Meghan Markle keeps the belly: the experts explained it

Вот почему Меган Маркл постоянно держит живот: эксперты все объяснили

pregnancy Meghan Markle whole world knows. A month after the luxury wedding the Royal couple is the child’s beginning. In October 2018, that soon in the Royal family s will be the completion, officially confirmed. Expectant mother Megan showed some Royal tricks. In particular, when switched to shoes without heels.

Now the former actress is already well visible tummy, which she almost always holds hands. This could not fail to notice thousands of people who are interested in the life of the Royal couple. And someone has already managed to accuse Meghan Markle excessive frugality.

“That will not fall off your belly, what you so clung to him”, “We all already knew She was pregnant, which she hands stomach does not clean?” – and even more harsh comments they write in social networks under the photos with a tummy.

However, in spite of evil tongues, Meghan Markle, and then often touches the belly and is not just. Such a simple and harkeri for pregnant gesture not only helps women in the position to calm down, but also a miraculous effect on the baby.

Touching the abdomen contribute to the development of one of the happiness hormone, oxytocin. At the same time stress, not least because of the ridiculous criticism that can badly affect the fetus.

The expert method hyperoodon Katherine graves said that is made from the touch oxytocin goes directly into the placenta, which is beneficial to the baby, and this simple method helps to cope with postpartum depression.

These natural touches are motivated by maternal instinct, but not all actions of Megan seem to be adequate.

“We are tired of looking at it,” write the people who believe the wife of Prince Harry pokazuya.

No information about the sex of the child will not be made public. However, there are rumors that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex twins. Megan is going to give birth in the spring.

Recall, Megan Markle will become a mother early next month.

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