The actor featured Supercopter died : Jan-Michael Vincent was 73 years old

L'acteur vedette de Supercopter est mort : Jan-Michael Vincent avait 73 ans

He succumbed to a heart attack last month.

After the death of Luke Perry in the beginning of the week, we learned this weekend in the disappearance of another actor cult american tv. Jan-Michael Vincent, best known for having been the hero of the action series Supercopter (Airwolf), in the heart of the years 1980-90, died February 10. He was 73 years old.

It is in westerns of the 1960’s that he made a name in Hollywood, in giving a reply to James Caan in the film The brigade des cow-boys (1968) and then to John Wayne in the giants of the West (1969). On television, he also appeared in the soap operas, Gunsmoke, and Bonanza. But it is in 1971 in The Confrontation, in the face of Robert Mitchum, Jan-Michael Vincent is going to have its hour of glory at the cinema, and get a nomination for the Golden Globes.

His career will be written next to the television. In 1983, he played the role of Byron Henry in the mini-series The breath of the war, which earned him his second nomination for the Golden Globe. And a year later, the network CBS entrusted him with the command of Supercopter (Airwolf). In this series of spectacular action, he plays Springfellow Hawke, during three seasons between 1984 and 1986.

After the conclusion of the show, Vincent was chained to the tv movies, B movies, and appearances in the series, as The Rebel or Nash Bridges. It has also been seen in the feature film Buffalo ’66 by Vincent Gallo (1998). But his career has been broken over the years, following several arrests for drunk driving, and in 1996, a serious road accident it will damage the vocal cords irreversibly. After you have caused other accidents because of an alcohol problem recurring, it will be also be sentenced to jail time. And in 2012, it will be outright amputated right leg due to an infection.

This is after a cardiac arrest, last month, that Jan-Michael Vincent has left us, to Ashville, in North Carolina, leaving behind his wife, Patricia Ann Christ, and a daughter from a first marriage.

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