The actor from the TV series “Streets of broken lamps” went missing in Togliatti

Oleg Kurtanidze has stopped communicating with the family since November 15.

Актер из сериала «Улица разбитых фонарей» без вести пропал в Тольятти

The actor from the once very popular TV series “Streets of broken lamps” and the Director of the Tolyatti theatre Oleg Kurtanidze went missing in Togliatti. For unexplained reasons since November 15, he stopped to get in touch with your loved ones. According to one version, the artist disappeared after he left the building of the Tolyatti youth drama theatre, which was working that day, and now he may be somewhere in the city. According to another version, after work, he went to the station, where he boarded the train and left in an unknown direction.

In the media make assumptions about why could disappear Kurtanidze. Some sources believe that the creative man needed a break and pause in dealing with native people, and, consequently, in a short time he may return himself. However, the police already took the family of the Director photo of him and proceeded to search for the missing.

Kurtanidze quite often starred in the television series, it can be seen in “Secrets of investigation”, and “Metode” and “Maroseyka, 12”.