The actress from Uruguay made a Declaration of love to Russia. The clip was filmed in Balashikha

The motto of the song sang by Uruguayan singer, was “I love you, Russia”. This clip aired, the singer arrived in the Moscow suburb of Balashikha.

Актриса из Уругвая призналась в любви к России. Клип снимался в Балашихе The title of the song “To Russia with love”. Oreiro sang this song in Russian, in Spanish and English. Listeners noted that the Russian language Oreiro knows is bad, as in Russian, there were several phrases: “to Russia with love”, “the holiday comes”, “I’m your Natasha”, “I love you, Russia”.

According to news channel “360” in the village “Oranovo”, which is near Siberia, is home to several girls who dream that their appearance was like the appearance Oreiro.

Natalia Oreiro came to Russia at the call of one of the residents of this village. The villagers Russian “Oreiro” helped her to take part in the crowd.