The animated series Dragon Ball Super could make his return this summer

La série animée Dragon Ball Super pourrait faire son retour cet été

The new arc unveiled in July ?

It’s been a year since Dragon Ball Super has come to an end, the japanese tv. And while the movie Broly has just arrived in France (three months after its release in japanese), it is rumored that the cartoon could soon make his comeback on the small screen.

Indeed, we know since a moment that Toriyama planned to continue the story of Goku. Moreover, a new arc has already started in the magazine V-Jump. And according to Geekdom101 (see below), a YouTubeur well-informed, the series Dragon Ball Super should follow and return to japanese tv in July of next year. She resumed the story after the last feature film, and would focus on the arc of the “Prisoner of the Patrol Galactic” (currently described in V-Jump). Nothing has yet been officially confirmed.

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