The Arctic storm hit Paradise: winter for the first time in hundreds of years

Арктический шторм обрушился на райский уголок: зима впервые за сотни лет

It seems the weather is a little crazy. So, one of the Hawaiian Islands coated with a layer of snow several inches thick. Such an incident occurred here almost for the first time in history. As reported by weather forecasters it’s the effects of the Arctic winter. This natural phenomenon is experiencing the States on the strength of some days, this time the snow storm hit Hawaii.Snow on the other side of the ocean, as it turned out, not a bit like ours. So, together with a thin layer of snow on the island hit an 18-foot waves and serious wind force of 100 miles per hour. But this nature is not stopped. So the most powerful winds reached nearly 300 miles per hour.

Арктический шторм обрушился на райский уголок: зима впервые за сотни лет

A unique phenomenon – snow in Hawaii

According to preliminary information due to the bad weather nobody was hurt. Because of the snow storm almost 27 thousand inhabitants remained without electricity as strong winds damaged power lines, but at the moment the consequences of bad weather is eliminated. In this situation, you can find pluses. So, inhabitants of one of the Islands we could see thin snow globe for the first time in several hundred years. North America is also covered with snow, but the locals, who are used to this “atmospheric surprises”, I decided to use the weather. While the kids are sledding, the parents wasted no time flooded the back yard to turn it into a mini skating rink. Time the winter games have in Washington because of bad weather closed the schools.

Арктический шторм обрушился на райский уголок: зима впервые за сотни лет

North America was covered with snow

But local homeless people look forward to spring, because the shelters they are given only the night and the day are asked to leave the premises. But the streets are cold, so they are difficult to sustain during the day.

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