The Australian government has placed bans on anonymity in cyberspace

All the Australian operators are now required to disclose information about customers of the state investigative Committee.

Правительство Австралии установило запреты на анонимность в киберпространстве

The Australian government proposed a bill making major changes about anonymity in cyberspace. The prohibition of privacy caused by the surge of crime in the country: access to classified information necessary to investigate cases of terrorism and corruption of minors.

The ruling liberal-national party unanimously decided to give the police the ability to bypass the encrypted messages after an unsolved case of gang violence. It charged three men who were exchanging to each other encrypted information. Now, the Australian police will be able to “crack” the code any criminal without presenting special documents.

But tech giants such as Google and Facebook, as well as other defenders of anonymity of its users have warned that such a law could weaken cybersecurity and open doors for hackers around the world. In connection with such statements, the government agreed to revise the project to strengthen protective measures and to improve accountability. The attorney-General mark Dreyfus has promised that before the end of the Christmas period, the police will be able to use extended powers.