The author of the music hits Kobzon, Rotaru and died in Belarus

Doctors called the cause of death of the composer’s massive stroke.

Автор музыки хитов Кобзона и Ротару скончался в Белоруссии


Igor Luchenok has died in Belarus in Minsk clinic. The composer felt unwell on the first day of November. The night he was taken to the hospital where he operated. Nothing boded trouble, the doctors predicted a speedy recovery. However, on 12 November Igor Luchenok passed away at the age of 80 years. His son Andrew says that his father, as usual, took the medication prescribed by doctors in the summer. He was in good spirits, and a few hours later he was gone.

Igor Luchenok is the author of the music hits of Joseph Kobzon, Sofia Rotaru, group “Syabry”. He collaborated with many famous artists. Fans remember his song “Ales”, “memory of the heart” and others. Luchenok lot of time helping other people. He was born not in the rich family, therefore, supported the disadvantaged. Some fans believe that the composer had undermined their health because of the charity and in the end, this activity brought him to the grave.