The authors of Game of Thrones to explain the inconsistencies of the season 7

Les auteurs de Game of Thrones expliquent les incohérences de la saison 7

“We would be able to integrate a small note at the bottom of the screen saying : “Three weeks later”… but we have not done it”.

Two years ago, season 7 of Game of Thrones had received some criticism salty, relating to the accelerated pace of the plot. Many fans have accused the authors of having stuck jet packs to their characters to make them travel faster from one place to another. Where it was until weeks and several episodes to browse in the 7 Kingdoms, Daenerys, Jon & co seemed suddenly able to reach any destination in 10 minutes…

“We chose to go all out last season”, says the producer and writer Bryan Cogman to EW. “Of course, it is possible, sitting at home on the sofa, to the calculation of the time it took to send such boats to get from point a to point B… there’s always something to annoy people, then I guess that this outrage was not worse than anyone else, so no problem !”

The showrunner Dan Weiss, at least as annoyed, says : “We do not read very much into this kind of things. If someone says to me that he does not like the way in which we did this or that, I don’t really know what percentage of the viewers it represents, if it is an opinion actually shared. Even if it makes more noise than another on the Internet, it doesn’t mean anything. It may be that 1% of users are irritated for 10 minutes and then one has the impression that this exceeds 1%. But there is no way of knowing – nor any interest in trying to find elsewhere – and to what extent these criticisms are accurate and representative of the wide range of viewers. If you start thinking like that, you become crazy !”

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The authors of Game of Thrones have no intention to justify himself, but Dave Hill advance when even a few simple explanations :

“Of course, it would never be criticized. But with all that we wanted to prepare for the season 8, we had to speed things up over the episodes. We have introduced a lot of ellipses of the time that the vast majority of viewers have not seen. We would have been able to include a small note at the bottom of the screen saying : “Three weeks later”… but we have not done it. Sometimes, when you move pieces, you cheat a little…”

In any case, he promises that for season 8, “we have tried to keep most of temporal logic. No jet packs this time”, he concludes with a sense of humor.

The season 8 of Game of Thrones will start on Sunday 14 April on HBO and in France on OCS.

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