The authors of “Masha and the bear” responded to accusations of “Putin’s” propaganda

The main character of the animated series Masha Western experts compared with the leader of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Авторы «Маши и медведя» отреагировали на обвинения в «путинской» пропаганде


Professor Buckingham University’s Anthony GFIS when watching a film for children “Masha and the bear” I saw a girl with the following traits: persistence, achieving goals at any cost, the courage and the inability to correctly calculate its own capabilities. The expert says that these features are inherent to Putin. The authors of “Masha and bear” with humor reacted to the words of British experts. They say that the project is designed specifically for children non-governmental organization, and the leadership of the country did not affect the decision of the Directors of this cartoon. The authors are happy for critics, accusing them for “Putin’s” propaganda because they have a well developed imagination, which is very important in the modern world.

The statements of British experts said political analyst Pavel Feldman. He called the accusations of the Western colleagues complete nonsense. In some European countries, Russia is associated with bears and failure to perform prescribed by the law standards, so Western criticism and declare “Putin’s” propaganda, by reviewing the harmless cartoon, says Feldman.