The bachelor the bachelor: Bilan took Klucina creed

The singer, it is not clear intentionally or not, sent his younger colleague across the stage with a clear signal.

Холостяк у холостяка: Билан «увел» Клюкину у Крида


Drama, at the time, erupted between Egor Creed and the winner of the show “the Bachelor” Daria Lukinoj, forced to survive, without exaggeration, the entire Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. Now experiences may be even more. The fact is that Dima Bilan released a new provocative music video “the flash”, where the main character stands, just the same, Klyukina. Fire podavlyaet that between the singer and model erupted in a whirlwind romance, they kiss at the camera and behave like a couple in love.

Naturally, stole a girl from creed Bilan exclusively for music videos, but the fantasy fan can only envy, because they have already started to argue on the subject, but only if the clip is limited to the relationship between Klugenau and Bilan. Some also stated the need of the meeting between Creed and Morris, who will speak “as a bachelor with the bachelor.”

At the time, Bilan was in the same place that creed was the storm of all women and a recognized sex symbol, though he was repeatedly accused of commitment to the ideals of sexual minorities. However, in the clips Bilan has always been strictly surrounded by stunning beauties.

Холостяк у холостяка: Билан «увел» Клюкину у Крида


Fans sincerely hope that singer will make the connection with Lukinoj something more than friendship, because Egor Krid missed your chance, and now they should take advantage of the more experienced Morris.