The best TV shows of 2018

The rankings were compiled by the staff of the Union of motion picture arts AFI. The decision was taken by the organization’s experts, the leaders in the field of film-making and independent experts.

Определены лучшие сериалы 2018 года


The best TV series in 2018 and the list of winners was published in the microblog Twitter. In the top ten included the drama “the Americans”, invented by an ex-employee of the CIA joy Weisberg, the Comedy “Atlanta,” Donald Glover in the title role, the show with black humor “Barry”. To the best of the series took “the Murder of Gianni Versace” detective motion picture, “Better call Saul” – a drama about a lawyer, “Method Comiskey” – a humorous film about two aging buddies.

The most popular series ranked as “the Amazing Ms. Meisel,” a tragi – Comedy about a housewife Miriam, the musical “Pose”, drama “the Heirs” is about the family of media Mogul and a picture of “we”. Experts have chosen the most interesting films of the year. At the top of the ranking was the tape of Mary Poppins, “the Black Panther” and other paintings by various Directors and genres.