The bloodthirsty killer turned artist with a photographic memory

Самый кровожадный убийца оказался художником с фотографической памятью

A brutal killer Samuel little has confessed to more than 90 murders that he committed over 30 years.

Thus, if this is proven, the maniac will be one of the most bloodthirsty and sinister serial killers in American history, writes USA Today.

Unfortunately, the FBI did not find the necessary clues that confirmed allegations little, because we are talking about an old unsolved cases or bodies never found.

Самый кровожадный убийца оказался художником с фотографической памятью

In basically the victims of the maniac were women<!–EndFragment–>

However, the FBI has published 16 sinister portraits of the alleged victims that the killer did in his cell in Texas.

In the drawings shows details of the external signs of the victims. One of them, according to the killer, was murdered in Miami, the other in Atlanta. Detailed portraits demonstrate, even the decoration and the color of poor women.

Some of the pictures of the victim even smile. Each image is accompanied by an indication of the city and the year in which the murder occurred.

The authorities of Maryland were able to use the little pictures to associate it with the murder of a woman, whose identity has not been established. Another picture helped the authorities solve a murder that happened in 1984 in Arkansas.

Самый кровожадный убийца оказался художником с фотографической памятью

Little painted from memory of their victims

Investigators from the Mississippi met with little in prison. They believe that the maniac a photographic memory when it comes to the details of the murders.

Bloodthirsty hunt continued for decades. The killer remained undetected, because few who are not focused on one specific region or city.

According to some estimates, little has committed a heinous murder in at least 16 States, strangled each of his victims.

Самый кровожадный убийца оказался художником с фотографической памятью

Some portraits though and the Amateur, but are quite detailed

It should be noted, before the advent of new technologies, local authorities did not have access to databases and other means of transmitting information about specific types of crimes.

Now the authorities, at least nine other States have begun to examine pending cases that may be involved in the killer.

Killer little also confessed to other crimes in exchange for a prison transfer. He drove through every state and told the authorities about the number of dead people in each locality.

Самый кровожадный убийца оказался художником с фотографической памятью

Serial killer Samuel little

[quote author=””]”We hope that anyone, whether family members, former neighbors, friends, will help to identify victims and to identify them on drawings,” said a spokesman for the FBI Buchwald Shane (Shayne Buchwald).

We will remind, after three decades managed to solve the mystery of a serial killer.

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