The bride-to-be Deputy Prime Minister Rozenko complained about harassment on the network: “I will Disappoint you, friends”

Невеста вице-премьера Розенко пожаловалась на травлю в сети: "Разочарую вас, друзья"

Elena-Cristina Swan

Elena-Cristina Swan – presenter, known to the audience the program “Scam networks” on the Ukrainian TV channel “New channel” on the Russian TV channel “Friday!”. Previously – chief editor of the TV program “Fun”, co-host of the show “the FBI” (Fantastic Bureau draws), Director and actress of the project “Adults as children”. Like any public person, Elena-Cristina Swan an active user of social networks, though it and the robot is necessary. And more recently, TV presenter started Dating 48-year-old Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Rozenko.

So, on the page of Christine in Instagram from time to time there are photos with the beloved politician, on which the couple looks truly happy. We also know that for sweetheart Rozenko lost a lot of weight. As for Christine Swan, she is naturally very slim, even too much, as some of her fans. So yesterday the TV star posted pictures of her white dress, in the comments to which followers accused her of anorexia and asked to recover and begin to eat.

But in response, Elena-Cristina Swan posted another photo, the signature to which has responded to the accusations of users. Pictured TV presenter posing in the bright image – it skins and orange striped blouse, over which she put on her blue coat-jacket, and her legs cute blue shoes. In the caption, the smiling star wrote:

“Soooo… it’s All yesterday let off steam under my photo in the white dress? Feel better? Disappoint you, friends. Anorexia is a psychological disease, and I just brutally powerful metabolism. And brutally powerful appetite. But while the appetite flies into a rage, I can’t money. But thanks to everyone who worried and eat there… for me, th your advice go to waste in vain, still spoil without a refrigerator. Liu❤,” wrote Christina.

We will remind, Vice-the Prime Minister Rozenko was in the hospital, while the bride was in rehab.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the bride Rozenko told about the most intimate.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that crippled the bride Minister Rozenko secured.

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