The bullying son of her stepfather, the sadistic: the truth or the fantasies of a child

On the telecast “live” Malakhov has discovered the secret of the terrible abuse of a child.

Издевательства над сыном отчима-садиста: правда или фантазии ребёнка

20 Nov 2018’s talk shows “live”, where the presenter is in search of the truth says frankly with the native boy’s father, which carried out “torture” in the mother’s family. In the Studio and he was a little lion: he told viewers how stepfather is a sadistic wife and sealed his face with tape and immersed for a few seconds under the water. So the child was punished for minor offenses.When Sergei Palchikov, the natural father of the victim learned about the actions of the former wife, he immediately took the child and brought the case to court. 4-year-old boy was mentally and physically broken, he needed help of psychologists. At the moment there is a trial and couple who bullied a child, faces up to seven years imprisonment.But after a debate in the Studio it turned out that, indeed, the parents strictly raised the child, but “torture” is a fantasy baby. And father was just trying to get revenge is still the woman he loves away from her child and banning meetings.