The car is new “sore” old: review of the KIA Cerato 2018 appeared online

Not so long ago in Russia started selling a KIA Cerato with a new body. Autoblogger told what the old “sores” have kept a new car.

Машина новая, «болячки» старые: Обзор KIA Cerato 2018 появился в сети

The review covers the top KIA Cerato with a price tag of 1 400 000 rubles. The model is built on the same platform as the new CEE’d. Thus, the new model increased the wheelbase to 2,700 mm, the front and rear overhangs have also become a little bit more. Added car and in height (+5 mm).

The manufacturer has redesigned the cabin KIA Cerato 2018, but under the hood is already familiar to the owners of the model 1.6-liter engine. The most expensive version still comes with the 2.0-liter engine with an index G4NA.

The expert noted that the typical problems of this unit are the sound of the tappet, malagor, the appearance scoring, “making” due to the stretching of the chain, fogging oil near the valve cover. As stressed by the blogger, these “sores” are not found EN masse, but some instances they may appear.

Left the KIA Cerato and is still problematic catalyst, which is now warranted for one year or 15,000 km. Front suspension with independent strut type McPherson, rear semi-torsion beam. According to obzorschika, this suspension is only good for riding on smooth asphalt.

Машина новая, «болячки» старые: Обзор KIA Cerato 2018 появился в сети

Also, the blogger praised the interior trim and sound insulation. However, he noticed that the rear “turn signals”, which made a separate lights on the bumper, can lead to more expensive repairs in the event of an accident.