The chicken stood up, the place lost: Buzova not become pregnant for fear of “blow” career

Olga understands that show business in modern Russia – the highest competition.

Курица встала – место пропало: Бузова не беременеет из-за страха «профукать» карьеру

Have long pregnancy and Olga Buzova is one of the main subjects of discussion among fans and in the national media. For this reason built numerous gossip. Buzova is credited novels with various representatives of show business, however, the situation is, in fact, looks completely different, but this option for some reason no one considers seriously. Buzova as a real social climber, well aware that with her if she suddenly gets pregnant, and after going on vacation for child care, can happen what is described in the saying “the chicken stood up, the place was gone.” It’s about the fact that not Buzova pregnant just the same for the reason that he is afraid to “blow” her own career.

The Russian show-business today – the place where the competition is at the highest level and Buzova, as a rising star, understands this like no other. Naturally, considering numerous plans for a Grand presentation of his album, new singles and music videos, does not tally with pregnancy, child care and other things. That is why Olga is afraid to become pregnant, fearing the consequences associated with this, because clearly the appearance of the children will affect her career dramatically.

Курица встала – место пропало: Бузова не беременеет из-за страха «профукать» карьеру

In view of this, at this time speculation about pregnancy Olga simply meaningless, because the girl is going to pay attention to only themselves and their own fortification on the stage in Russia and only feeling the ground under my feet, she plans to get posterity.

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