The chief designer of Apple has created a diamond ring worth $250 thousand

5 Dec gem put up for auction in Miami.

Главный дизайнер Apple создал кольцо из алмаза стоимостью $250 тысяч


The chief designer of Apple and johnny Ive recently switched to products that are not relevant to the technology of the company. This time Ive brought in a jeweler – designer of gadgets “Apple” of the company, together with svim colleague mark Newsham produced a ring of solid diamond.

Precious jewelry created specifically for the auction, organized Foundry Diamond from Sotheby’s. Presumably the cost of the jewelry will range from $150 to 250 thousand. Ring design Ive & Newson fairly simple, but at the same time unique. For decoration only need a diamond with several thousand facets of the diamond. Based on the description on the website, this cut was used for the first time, so is unique.

Ring put up for auction on December 5 in Miami. According to the organizer of the auction, the ring size is small, so potential buyers will need to decide in advance whether they will suit the ring size.

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