The Chinese have developed a draft free satellite Internet to all

The organization of China invaded the technological race IT giants Facebook, Space X and Google.

Китайцы разработали проект бесплатного спутникового интернета для всех

Chinese firms LinkSure Network has developed the project of free satellite Internet service for all and are going to make it a reality by 2026. With the latest technology, all the inhabitants of the Earth will have access to the Network, and, on a Pro Bono basis. For the project LinkSure Network plans to launch 272 of the satellite, in order to ensure full coverage. The first time a spacecraft to achieve these goals, I want to start in 2019. In Beijing believe that all people, regardless of race and religion, needs to obtain necessary information in the virtual space. Chinese engineers work in an intensive mode to translate an idea into reality as soon as possible.

The UN has provided evidence that the Earth is about four billion people are unable to take full advantage of the Internet. In the era of advanced technologies, a huge number people are outside of the global information space. Chinese scientists plan to improve the situation. First and foremost, LinkSure will provide free Internet regions that do not have access to the Network, and then gradually begin to connect all of the world.

Even in China adopting 6G-network. They will provide a link with the cosmic speed of Terabytes per second. Now is conducted active work on this project. To the Network plan to connect various mobile and stationary platforms.