“The clear”: LADA Priora with air suspension Subaru admired network

After the mass production of LADA Granta FL, the majority of fans tuning should shift their focus from the famous “a Priory” restyled “Grant”, but interesting projects in large numbers continue to get out favorite car for “patsanskogo tuning”.

«Самая чёткая»: LADA Priora с пневмоподвеской Subaru восхитила сеть

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«Самая чёткая»: LADA Priora с пневмоподвеской Subaru восхитила сеть

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The German SUV some moments were better than the famed Land Cruiser.

Autoblogger Shamil Hajiyev demonstrated his own development: LADA Priora with unusual for her tire diameter R-20, suspension and exhaust manifold “spider” from the Subaru Sound. Due to the suspension of this type have turned to be the most “understated” car, now each wheel can be individually raised and lowered. Remarkably, the “prior” stayed with “relatives” shock absorbers, and the car is raised and lowered due to the fact that the trunk mounted compressor, pumps air from the receiver to the system. In the cabin buttons Windows run not Windows, and wheels – one button for each wheel.

The exhaust system from the Subaru Sound is designed to give the sound of the exhaust more rich in beautiful, harmonious and a special touch like the premium Subaru. In addition, this spider provides better scavenging of the exhaust system and, consequently, gives an increase in engine power of up to 9.5 l/s if you change the program in the electronic control unit.

Commentators on the network appreciated the rather peculiar development of autoblogger: “The precise prior. The following can not be!”.