The cops accidentally shot the famous rapper: fell asleep in the car

Копы по ошибке расстреляли известного рэпера: задремал в машине

Six police officers from the city of Vallejo in California 9 Feb shot dead a local 20-year-old rapper Willie McCoy (Willie McCoy), known under the pseudonym Willie Bo. This was reported by CBS and confirmed by the police.

At the time of the accident McCoy was dozing in the car near the diner, Taco Bell. The police said that he arrived on a call of the employee of the institution, which is about 22:30 and noticed a nearby parked car. In it the cafe worker saw “leaning” on the wheel man.

Копы по ошибке расстреляли известного рэпера: задремал в машине

The police decided that the man lost consciousness. On his lap lay the gun. The car was wound up and the doors locked. After the police called for reinforcements, McCoy suddenly moved, stated in the report. The police asked him to keep his hands in sight, but McCoy “quickly reached for the gun”. Then six police officers started shooting at McCoy, “fearing for his safety”.

According to brother Willie David Harrison, the police shot Willie 20 times. Police did not say how many shots were produced.

Geplaatst door David Harrison op Zondag 10 februari 2019

After the shooting the police tried to give McCoy a medical aid, but he died at the scene. The gun, which was loaded, was seized.

According to The Guardian, officially the police have not yet revealed the identity of the rapper, however his identified family. Relatives of the musician claim that police killed McCoy because of racial prejudice.

Копы по ошибке расстреляли известного рэпера: задремал в машине

“They (police edition) didn’t even try to find a peaceful solution. The job of the police to detain people who are breaking the law, not to make law themselves. You are judge, jury, and executioners. We will never overcome it,” said the brother of the deceased.

As reported by the information portal “Znayu” there are new details of a shocking scandal in Kiev between brazen marshrutchik that made a woman whose son died in the Donbas, to pay the fare.

Also “Znayu” wrote that in the Zaporozhye region was a missing child. Destilaty boy went out for a walk and never returned home, have informed in the Department of communication of the Channel region.

In addition, as reported by the information portal “Znayu”on the birch in Kiev, the man managed to rescue the girl together with the grandmother.

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