The COVID-19 version of When we are in love goes viral

Patrick Norman and Nathalie Lord recorded a new version of When we are in love which quickly went viral. The couple interpreted the great classic as a duet, modifying the lyrics to encourage the elders to respect the confinement instructions at the time of COVID-19.
V ingt-four hours after it was posted on the Facebook account of the popular musician, the video had already passed the milestone of 750,000 views – which is enormous in Quebec.

It was Nathalie Lord who modified the lyrics, notably her famous refrain: “Don’t miss the chance to be at home / The world is crying for help / Make this gesture of love”. In addition to the usual advice to avoid contamination as much as possible, the pair thank volunteers and essential service workers for their contribution.

“I am proud of its coup”, comments Patrick Norman who insisted “so that it is she who sings it, since it is his idea” before the couple grabbed their acoustic guitar.

It all ends with a beautiful kiss and an incentive to stay at home and to love each other.

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