The crisis seen by … Anthony Kavanagh, humorist, singer, host and actor

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the artistic community hard. Just like many of their fellow citizens, singers, playwrights, authors and company have seen their lives turned upside down. The journalists of the six cooperatives had a taste for knowing what the situation was changing in their practice, their daily lives, but also what the crisis was provoking as a reflection. Some have told us about it, others have taken up the pen to let you know. “How lucky we are to have all this technology at our disposal. To have Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook and social networks. Just the Internet, TV, radio. There are a plethora of different ways [to communicate] and to be entertained.

This is also where we see that art is an essential human need. It is in moments like this that we realize it. I hope that when we get out of this, the government will invest even more in art in Canada and Quebec. […]

I see people’s creativity and it challenges us on a lot of things. It’s a good time to meet up to find out who we really are and see what our priorities are in life.

I have the impression that it will perhaps give a blow to TV. Right now everything is simple. Singers do this in their living room. Everyone has to be authentic. It’s good to do large-scale shows, but here, we can’t hide too much. We lift the veil, so we have to be authentic. You’re at home, in a t-shirt, surrounded, with the kids running around. But the singers will sing their songs, the humorists will make capsules… We do that with the means at hand and everyone is happy anyway. It still entertains. It’s a big thing, think about it. ”

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