The decision to conduct electronic document proposed have developed a new solution for their clients own electronic document management system EDO.Stream.

Решение для ведения электронного документооборота предложил

With its help, entrepreneurs will be able to implement a legally binding exchange of documents with the operator in electronic form. To do this, place a qualified electronic signature (of the CEP). Access to the service EDO.Flux today is only at customers and after 15 December to assess the capabilities of the new tool will be able to all the market participants. In 2018 was included in the network of trusted operators of electronic document flow of invoices and made FTS in the official registry of EDO. The operator has the relevant requirements of the FTS and the FSTEC of Russia on 3-m a class of security of fiscal data. Thanks to EDO.Flow, businesses can work with non-formalized and approved by the FNS document formats, process them, download in useful formats, monitor the status of work with them, get a notification of a new document. As the Director Anton Rumyantsev, EDO will reduce the cost of customers and partners for the organization of document circulation will allow to automatically create, send and receive documents directly from the accounting system 1C or another.