The designer showed on the render the difference Samsung Galaxy S10+ and iPhone Max XS

Ben Gaskin posted pictures of smartphones of the South Korean and American manufacturers in the microblog Twitter.

Дизайнер показал на рендере отличия Samsung Galaxy S10+ и iPhone XS Max


The designer demonstrated in render the difference Samsung Galaxy S10+ and iPhone Max XS, proving the advantage of the first over the second. Smartphone of the South Korean Corporation is different from the product “Apple” of a thinner part of the display and the lack of “bangs” on the screen. The result is to consider the content for Galaxy S10+ is much easier than on the iPhone XS Max. The unit of the Korean society smaller, but compare the displays of both models are almost identical. It can also be attributed to the positive features of the Galaxy S10, and a reduced neck on the screen.

The designer reports that the Korean smartphone will get a display Super AMOLED with a size of 6.44 inches. It will be equipped with a triple main and auxiliary dual cameras. Galaxy S10+ will get the Face Unlock biometric technology to unlock the screen in the form of a thumbprint scanner and audio Jack of 3.5 mm.