The designers showed what will iOS 13 iPhone: photo

Дизайнеры показали, какой будет iOS 13 для iPhone: фото

iOS 13

Designer and Creator of concepts Leo Valle collected the coveted innovation of the users and combine them in your concept iOS 13, to the release of which, incidentally, is only about six months. However, this iOS 13 will definitely appeal to most iPhone owners. Not the fact that all the functions will appear in the release version of the new iOS, but dreaming is not forbidden.

Дизайнеры показали, какой будет iOS 13 для iPhone: фото

First of all Valle decided to rework the interface volume. In his concept, he refused the huge icons dynamics that covered all the important information on the display.. sung by Vallee the same operating system item is moved to the left side of the screen is much smaller and got rid of the archaic gradations, which the designer decided to replace with the more minimalistic the slider. However, such a design is clearly more interesting, and fits the concept of Apple products.

Дизайнеры показали, какой будет iOS 13 для iPhone: фото

Multitasking in iOS 13, according to Valle, will have to undergo some transformation. For example, according to the designer, it is possible to make Windows running programs less than now by selecting the place for the components of the control. For those who love multitasking, this feature obviously like it.

Night mode, says the designer, too, should appear in iOS 13. Because it is really easy to understand for many users in low-light conditions, Apple needs to make concessions. Recall that iOS 13 will present in June 2019.

Recall that Nokia unveiled a budget smartphone. The price of the device only $ 99, and for the money the user will get a huge display, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB permanent memory. The camera is also quite weak – 13 MP main and 5 MP front. For communication in social networks and listening to music smartphone is more than enough.

Earlier Znayu reported that the company OnePlus presented unusual smartphone with support for 5G. Among other things, the device got a good features and powerful processor. It is worth noting that to see the smartphone is not possible, as closed in a transparent stand.

Znayu wrote that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the output of which is scheduled for August 2019, will receive quadruple the camera. Besides, the device will get a decent stylus that can even take pictures and answer calls.

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